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22 December 2017

We Asked 9 Wellness Influencers to Confess Their Unhealthiest Habit

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Our favorite wellness gurus are constantly sharing their best advice with us. We admire their devotion to mental and physical fitness so much, we often forget that like everyone, they surely have some less-than-ideal habits too.

As 2018 approaches and we begin brainstorming our New Year's resolutions, we wanted to find out what bad behaviors trainers and nutritionists cop to. Here's what they confessed to us—each unhealthy habit is a solid reminder that even the fittest pros have a weakness for French Fries or don't clock in enough sleep, among other things!

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“I have a secret; I am addicted to chocolate chip cookies. Every morning I go to my favorite coffee shop, and they have the most incredible freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I try my hardest not to eat them, but I almost always buy one.”

Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer

“I'm a serious sloucher! I'm aware of the negative impact of poor posture, but I still find myself hunching over my laptop too often. It drives me crazy when I catch myself or see it in a photo, but it's the one bad habit that's been the most difficult for me to overcome."

Cynthia Sass, RD, Health contributing nutrition editor

“My sleep sometimes really suffers because I'm always pushing to finish projects. I have a hard time walking away from something and saying, "Okay Cassey, it's time to go to bed. We can work on this tomorrow." That then turns into sleep deprivation!”

Cassey Ho, fitness influencer and founder of Blogilates

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I would have to say my unhealthiest habits are worrying and cereal. My anxiety is through the roof most of the time, which is something I'm really working on lately. With cereal, usually I can keep the cravings under control, but there's really nothing like a huge bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios to satisfy the craving gremlins.”

Lauren Williams, fitness expert and influencer

I long for the day that I can actually sleep In, no alarm, and get 7 hours of sleep. These days, I average about 5 hours of sleep!

David Kirsch, celebrity trainer

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“[My unhealthiest habit is] not making time for a proper meal. Let's face it. We can all find 15 minutes to put our phones down, find a quiet place, and just focus on eating and digestion. But during my workweek, I often get so caught up that I end up eating on the fly or during meetings. This usually leads to eating too quickly and poor digestion and I regret it afterwards. So, if I find myself stuck in this pattern, I try to stop, take a deep breath, step away for 15 minutes, and just truly enjoy warm spoonfuls of delicious food."

—Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion

“Mentally, my unhealthiest habit would be comparing myself to where I'm at in my career with others. It's human to look at other [people's] lives and subconsciously compare, but we must remember that where we are right now is the exact path we are supposed to be on!” 

Katie Austin, fitness author and blogger

“My unhealthy habit is getting a frozen yogurt with approximately my bodyweight in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the topping (and since this is a tell all, I put them on the bottom too)." 

Gunnar Peterson, celebrity trainer

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“I think my unhealthy habit—besides wanting that second glass of wine once I open a bottle—is French fries. Once I order a burger, my healthy sensibilities seem to go right out the window: forget the side salad, dish up some fries! But that’s okay. I’m all about living comfortably and enjoying life, and I don’t deprive myself of the things I love. I just keep in mind that they are an indulgence to fully enjoy in the moment!”

Denise Austin, fitness expert and creator of LifeFit

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21 December 2017

Challenge Yourself to Do 1 Killer Workout a Day in our ‘5 Minutes to Fit’ Series

Work your entire body with these quick, kick-butt routines.

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This Is the Best Workout for Women

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When it comes to exercise, the aerobic kind steals all the glory. All of the fun ways to sweat can help you get the government-recommended 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week, like swimming, volleyball, brisk walking—anything that speeds up your blood flow and breath.

Less appealing is the other, more neglected kind: strength-training. While about half of Americans meet the goals for aerobic exercise, only 20% do the recommended muscle-strengthening activities that work major muscle groups. Women, especially, tend to shy away from it.

But they neglect it at their own peril. Strength-training significantly lowers the risk for type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, finds a new study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Scientists (and anyone else who’s ever pumped some iron) have long known that strength training makes muscles bigger. It also protects bones by increasing their density, an important perk for aging women. But more recent evidence shows that it also reduces BMI, which improves how the body uses insulin. A bigger muscle also means that glucose can get around the body better.

The researchers wanted to see if the lesser-known benefits of strength training, like these, actually influence a person’s risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Using data from the Women’s Health Study, they followed nearly 36,000 older women who ranged in age from 47-98. The women filled out questionnaires yearly from 2000-2014 about their health and exercise levels, and one question asked women to estimate how much weight lifting/strength training they’d done per week in the past year. The researchers tracked which of the women got cardiovascular disease—including events like heart attack and stroke—and type-2 diabetes.

Whether a woman did these muscle-strengthening exercises or not predicted much about her health. “Women who reported participating in any amount of strength training were more likely to have a lower BMI, more likely to engage in healthy dietary patterns, and less likely to be a current smoker,” compared with women who avoided it, the authors write.

Strength training was also linked to a woman’s risk for the two conditions. Those who said they did any amount of strength training had a type-2 diabetes risk 30% lower and a cardiovascular disease risk 17% lower than those who did none, even after the researchers controlled for other variables like age, vegetable and fruit intake and physical activity.

Not surprisingly, adding in aerobic exercise helped drive both risks down even more. Those who did at least 120 minutes a week of aerobic exercise and some strength training had a type-2 diabetes risk 65% lower than women who didn’t do either.

More research is needed to determine the optimum amount of strength training for women and men to reduce their risks. But the study suggests that both kinds of exercise impart unique benefits—and that strength training has some serious scientific weight to it.

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19 December 2017

The Ab Move That Keeps Ashley Graham (and Her Mom!) Strong

The Quick Calisthenics Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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The easiest way to squash excuses for skipping a workout? Find a routine that requires zero equipment, knocks out two training techniques in one (aka strength and cardio), and perhaps most importantly, makes sweating it out seriously fun. Check off all three with this quick bodyweight-only calisthenics workout, featuring moves from Daily Burn’s DB10 program. By moving up, down and side-to-side you’ll work your body in new, exciting ways. Plus, you’ll keep your mind focused, your muscles working efficiently and your heart rate revved. All you have to do is channel the energy of a school kid at recess. Then jump right in to a workout you’ll want to keep repeating.

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Your Fast, Calorie-Blasting Calisthenics Workout

Get on your feet — it’s time for some fitness-boosting fun. These six exercises will put your speed, strength and coordination to the test. Perform each move for 30 to 45 seconds each, resting for a max 30 seconds between moves. At the end of the circuit, rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat for as many rounds as possible.

Calisthenics Workout: Quick Feet 180 Jump Exercise

GIFs: Daily Burn DB10

1. Quick Feet 180 Jump

How to: Stand with feet a little wider than hip width apart and start quickly stepping your feet (a). After about three seconds, push your hips back and drop your butt down for a squat. Touch the floor with your hand when you reach the bottom (b). As you explode up for a jump, do a 180-degree turn in the air (c). Land softly back on your feet, knees bent and lower into another squat, touching the floor with your opposite hand (d). Explode back up, performing another 180-degree jump back to the front (e). Land softly and immediately start buzzing your feet again (f). Repeat.

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Calisthenics Workout: Push-Up Punch Exercise

2. Push-Up Punch

How to: Start in an extended arm plank position, with feet a little wider than your hips to broaden your base of support (a). Perform one push-up (b). When you reach the top, punch your left arm straight out in front of you, bicep by your ear (c). Place your hand back down and perform another push-up (d). Then perform the punch with your right arm (e). Continue alternating punches, with one push-up between each punch.

Calisthenics Workout: Lunge Switch Exercise

3. Lunge Switch

How to: Start standing. Step your right foot forward and bend both knees to 90 degrees to perform a lunge (a). Push off your right front foot, bring your knee up toward your chest and then step it back behind you. Drop down to perform a reverse lunge (b). Then, push off your feet to explode up in the air, switching your stance and landing back down in a lunge with your right foot forward (c). Step your left foot up, in front of your right, to perform a forward lunge (d). Repeat the reverse lunge and plyo lunge on the opposite site (e). Continue alternating lunges, doing one forward, then backward and then a plyo.

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Calisthenics Workout: Plank-Up Diagonal Hop Exercise

4. Plank-Up Diagonal Hop

How to: Start in an extended arm plank position (a). Bend your right elbow to place your forearm on the mat, then your left to hit a forearm plank (b). Next, straighten your right elbow and then your left to get back into a high plank (c). Jump both feet to the outside of your right hand, then back to plank position (d). Jump both feet to the outside of your left hand, then back to plank position (e). Repeat the high-low plank, then the diagonal hops.

Calisthenics Workout: Burpee Skater Exercise

5. Burpee Skater

How to: Start standing with feet about hip-width apart (a). Perform one burpee by placing your hands on the ground and jumping your feet back to a plank. Then, quickly jump them back up to your hands and explode up at the top to perform another hop (b). Next, hop your left foot out to the side and bring your right foot behind your left leg (c). Push of your left foot and hop to the right side, bringing your left foot behind your right leg (d). Perform another skater to each side, then repeat the burpee (e). Continue alternating between one burpee and two skaters.

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Calisthenics Workout: Rolling Squat Jump Exercise

6. Rolling Squat Jump

How to: Start standing with feet about hip-width apart (a). Drop down into a squat all the way to the ground so your butt touches the mat (b). Place your hands straight down by your sides and roll on your back so your feet come overhead (c). Roll back up coming up to a squat and jump up at the top (d). Repeat the roll and squat jump.

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18 December 2017

These Amazing Gym Deals Will Motivate You to Sign Up and Sweat More in 2018

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What resolution almost always tops the list every January 1? You guessed it: to lose weight, a promise made by more than 20 percent of people setting New Year's goals last year. Getting more exercise also typically falls in the top 10. With these numbers in mind, you might be scouting out a new gym to get your workout on.

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Even though you know the weight room and classes will be crazy busy this time of year, it’s also the perfect time to sign up. Many gyms are offering discounts on new membership fees (or they're charging nada—sweet!). They're also setting up new programs and even offering prize money to encourage you to be your best self. Here are 11 fitness centers with locations nationwide that are making it easier for you to start 2018 on the right healthy foot.

Planet Fitness

From January 1 until January 10, the enrollment fee is just $1. Then, it’s $10 per month for a standard membership or $21.99 per month for the PF Black Card membership. (The PF Black Card includes additional benefits like the ability to bring a guest for free every visit, access to all 1,400-plus locations, use of HydroMassage beds, massage chairs, and more.)

Gold’s Gym

Starting in January, Gold’s Gym will kick off its signature 12-week body transformation contest at participating gyms across the United States. Exclusively available to members, the contest will not only help improve overall health, but participants will have a chance to win one of many cash prizes totaling $100,000.

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Life Time Fitness

Now through January 1, all Life Time Fitness destinations are open to everyone, whether you're a member or not. From January 1 to January 30, all locations will host the Commit to Fit movement for members and non-members, which includes promotions like Yoga Week, Studio Week, and Cycle Week. If you’d like to become a member, talk to them about special pricing.

Set your alarm: On January 1 at 10 a.m., the sixth annual Commitment Day 5K Fun Run and Social is happening at 40 Life Time destinations across the country. This event is open to everyone and aims to help people make a commitment to a healthy year ahead. Come January 21, 40 locations will host an Indoor Triathlon ($30 registration).

24 Hour Fitness

On December 26, this chain is launching 24GO, a customized coaching app that connects you with personalized workouts for in the gym or at home, available for members and non-members. Beginning January 2018, there's a $0 initiation fee on select all-club monthly payment memberships. (Initiation fees vary by club, but they range between $39.99-$89.99.) By becoming a member, you'll also get access to two new programs: Strong by Zumba (a 60-minute high-intensity workout) and Team USA Bootcamp (so you can train like an Olympian during the Winter Games 2018).

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XSport Fitness

You’ll score with a $0 enrollment fee in January. To prevent the attendance drop-off that naturally seems to happen in February, XSport plans the Get Fit Challenge, a 100-day program that offers a $50K prize pack at the end. Participants work with a trainer weekly, take supplements that support their goals, and are weighed in when the program is completed. Women and men who lost the greatest percentage of body fat at each club level will be awarded a prize. The Get Fit Challenge Grand Prize Winner will take home the $50K prize pack.

UFC Gyms

This one you have to hop on before January 1, but you still have time. From December 18 through December 31, receive a $25 gift card when you purchase an Ultimate or Fitness Membership at UFC GYM, at participating locations.


The barre-yoga-spa hybrid has a new promo that’s open to everyone (not just newbies!). You can buy a new membership type—“spa + yoga”—for $200, which includes four classes and spa therapy. It also features 10% off boutique purchases and private training sessions, and five complementary passes for friends and family.

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Anytime Fitness

The majority of this gym's 2,400 locations will be participating in an annual January new member campaign. While most charge an enrollment fee (ranging from $19 to $69), from January 1 to January 12, the enrollment at participating gyms will be just $1. New members also receive a free personal-training or group-training session. Plus, most gyms give new members free fitness consultations and a personalized 30-Day Get Started Plan. The monthly membership fee is usually $40 per month.


New members can join with a $0 enrollment fee on a month-to-month membership. If you buy a personal-training package upon joining, you’ll snag one month free. The deal is available at Crunch Signature locations through January 29.

Snap Fitness

Their Commit To Your Fit 90-Day Challenge begins January 1. Members can sign up to get exercises, nutrition ideas, motivational quotes, and more by email. You'll also receive tips and videos from country music superstar and fitness advocate Tim McGraw. Members who complete the Challenge and submit their story will have a chance win two concert tickets and to meet the country legend himself.

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New members who join Equinox in January will be able to earn back their initiation fee ($300 to $500 depending on location) if they work out 12 times in their first month, which includes attending group fitness classes like The Cut: Jump Rope, The Muse, and Pure Strength, as well as personal training sessions. (Join on January 27, for example, and you'll have 30 days to work out and 12 times to be refunded the initiation fee).

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10 Exercises for Lean, Toned Legs Like the Rockettes

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There is no better example of #leggoals than the Rockettes—especially when you realize that these ladies perform up to 300 eye-high kicks in every single 90-minute Radio City Christmas Spectacular show. (FYI: They do up to 17 shows per week!). So what does it take to be stage-ready? Well, besides precision, a whole lot of core and leg work.

“It is important for the Rockettes to have a workout highly focused on legs and abs because we are, of course, athletes and have to be able to execute our choreography perfectly every show,” explains Tara Dunleavy, a Radio City Rockette, who has been dancing with the group since 2006. “More importantly, we have to master those eye-high kicks that we are famous for, and what many people don’t realize is that we don’t touch each other’s backs when we are linked up in the kick line. So not only do our legs have to be strong enough to do that many kicks, but our core needs to be working extra hard to be able to maintain our spacing and stay in a straight line.”

Which is why these 10 exercises are key. The dancers do them both during the season and the off-season to maintain their flexibility, endurance, and strength. Try the moves out—you can follow along with the video above—for a stronger, more stable lower body. As for reps? “I like to do things until I feel the muscle burn and tire out,” says Dunleavy, "because then I know it is warming up and changing.” But in general, aim to do 8 to 10 reps for each exercise.

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Butt Kicks

Pro tip: Think of it as jogging, except you are bringing the heels to the butt.

Targets: quads, glutes, and hamstrings

How to do it: Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at sides. Step right foot forward as you flex left knee, bringing left heel up to touch butt. Lower left leg, stepping forward with left foot and flex right knee, bringing right heel up to touch butt. Continue alternating legs as you move across the floor.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

Pro tip: Keep back as flat as possible.

Targets: hamstrings

How to do it: Step forward with right foot, placing heel on floor to flex foot. Straighten knee, hinge at hips and with core tight, swing arms forward and down, starting from behind hips, as you lower torso down as far as possible. Rise back to standing and repeat on left side.

Leg Lunges

Pro Tip: It’s a better way to get one leg warmed up first so you don’t get too fatigued.

Targets: quads and hip flexors

How to Do it: Step forward with right leg, dropping into lunge with both legs at 90 degrees, and bring left arm forward, so that it is also at a 90-degree angle. Push into left foot to rise to standing as you lift left knee and right arm up. Repeat on opposite side.

Knee Hugs

Pro tip: It may be easier to pull underneath the knee because that can protect your kneecap.

Targets: hip flexors

How to do it: Stand tall and alternate pulling one knee at a time to your chest as you walk forward; hold the knee hug for a few seconds before switching legs. Make it harder: Try in both directions ankle when knee is raised.

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Pro tip: Don’t drop hips, push heels back and sink shoulder blades down.

Targets: core

How to do it: Lie facedown with legs extended and elbows bent and directly under shoulders. Feet should be hip-width apart, and elbows should be shoulder-width apart. Contract abs, and then tuck toes to lift body; forearms remain on ground. Body should be in a straight line from head to heels. Hold for as long as possible.

Cross Lunge

Pro tip: Get knee as close to floor as possible, without touching.

Targets: glutes, quads, and adductors (inner thighs)

How to do it: Stand with feet together and hands on hips; step right foot in front of left leg, and at the same time, drop left knee into a lunge position as if doing a curtsy. Press through both feet to return to starting position, then repeat the move on the other side, stepping left foot in front of right.

Single Leg Reach

Pro tip: Try not to let foot touch the floor as you return to stand.

Targets: hamstring, glues, and stability of working leg.

How to do it: Stand on right leg with a soft knee and left leg lifted. Lower torso, bringing right hand down as close to ground as possible, as you raise left leg even higher. Drive through right heel to rise back to standing. Repeat on opposite side. Make it harder: add an ankle weight or hold two dumbbells.

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Pro tip: Make sure shoulders are not moving in front of hands.

Targets: core, specifically lower abs

How to do it: Place shins on stability ball with hands on ground in plank position. Pull in abs, squeeze butt and then bring knees in to roll ball forward towards hands. Hold and then roll ball back out to starting position.

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Stability Ball Bridge With Hamstring Roll Out

Pro tip: Pull knees in as far as possible, ideally to 90 degrees.

Targets: hamstrings and glutes

How to do it: Lie faceup with heels resting on top of ball, and arms at sides on ground; palms face down. Press heels into ball as you lift hips up into a bridge, creating a straight line from feet to shoulders. Keeping hips lifted, extends legs straight out, and then lowers hips back down. Using heels, roll ball back in and then repeat entire sequence.

Stability Ball Leg Lifts

Pro tip: Squeeze legs together

Targets: adductors (inner thighs), hamstrings, and quads

How to do it: Lie faceup with arms on ground, palms down, and a stability ball between ankles; knees soft. Lift legs so they are straight up, and then bend knees, lowering legs to a 90-degree angle. Pause, and then lift back up to straight legs. Continue repeating.

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15 December 2017

The 20 Best Cassey Ho Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Try the Blogilates founder's favorite moves for stronger abs, leaner legs, and a perkier butt.

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14 December 2017

6 Simple Exercises You Can Do While Cooking Dinner

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The holidays can be a crazy-hectic time. With so many items on your to-do list, it’s hard to know where to start. And one thing that often falls by the wayside: your workout. Which is why we tapped Astrid Swan—the trainer behind Hollywood A-listers like Shay Mitchell, Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough—for a no-fuss routine (you only need a towel!) that will crush major calories, tone you all over, and pump that heart rate all the way up, all while your holiday dinner is cooking.

“This workout plan is so simple because you don’t need to go to the gym, so there are no excuses,” explains Swan who wants to stress how fun it can be trying to sneak this fat-burning circuit in between mashing potatoes, cooking the turkey, or prepping whatever else you have on the menu. “Plus, you’ll feel better after you get in a little sweat, and it’s not going to make you drenched, so you won’t ruin that blowout either.” Talk about a win-win!

Do each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a quickie 10-second rest; complete 4 rounds. And then admire how good your body—and that seven-course meal on your table—looks!

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Overhead Squat With Knee Twist

Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold towel taut above head. Squat down, keeping chest up and knees behind toes. Push into heels to stand as you lift left knee and twist torso towards left knee. Return to start. Squat down again, and then rise to standing, repeating knee lift and twisting motion on the right. Continue alternating.

Jump Lunges With Towel Twist

Stand with feet together, hold towel taut between hands, and extend arms straight out. Jump left foot forward, lowering down into a lunge with both legs at 90 degrees. Twist torso to the left, lowering arms down on a diagonal over left thigh. Jump up, switching legs in the air and landing in a lunge with right leg forward; twist torso to the right, lowering arms down on a diagonal over right thigh. Continue alternating.

Pendulum Abs

Lie faceup; hold towel taut between hands and extend arms and legs straight up. Crunch up; lower legs down to the left as you twist torso and arms to the right. Return to center, and then lower legs to the right as you twist torso and arms to the left. Continue alternating.

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Push-up to Pike

Start in a high plank with abs tight and a towel under feet. Complete one push-up, and then pull feet in towards stomach as you raise hips up to come into a pike. Push feet back out to return to high plank and then repeat entire sequence.

Lateral Lunge Slide

Stand tall with a towel under right foot. Slide right foot out to right side, bending left knee to come into a lateral lunge, as you extend arms straight out. Slowly slide foot back in to rise to standing and bring arms back down to sides; repeat on left side.

Sliding Mountain Climbers

Start on all fours with a dish towel under each foot; lift knees off ground and brace core. Slide left foot in, brining left knee in towards chest. As you slide left foot back, slide right foot in, to bring right knee in towards chest. Continue alternating legs as you step left hand out to the left, followed by the right. Continue motion, moving sideways across the floor. Repeat in opposite direction.

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Meghan Markle Swears This Workout Class Transformed Her Body—So I Tried It

Every Harry Potter Fan Needs This Hogwarts-Inspired Activewear in Their Life

13 December 2017

The Workout Clothes Everyone Wanted in 2017, According to Google

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Champion hoodies, Nike shorts, and adidas sweatpants were among the most-coveted activewear of the past year, according to Google. The search engine released its annual Year in Search report today, revealing the most-searched terms in different categories, from wellness to recipes to makeup trends. One category that piqued our interest: workout clothes. We may have been all about metallics and millennial pink this year, but we were curious to see the specific trends internet users were looking for. Here, the top 10 most-searched workout and athleisure clothes of 2017.

1. Nike Air Max 97 ($160;

This classic sneaker is as cool today as it was when it debuted in the '90s (not to mention highly coveted among runners). A rubber outsole and foam sole with the brand's Max Air cushioning make these a dream to wear. All the styles are amazing, but this light bone pair with cactus laces and neon pink accents is our absolute favorite.

2. Champion hoodies (from $55;

You know something old is cool again when Urban Outfitters starts selling it, and Champion hoodies are no exception. Before they're sold out, stock up on the pullover sweatshirt or hoodie styles in fresh colors like cream and olive (or buy this unexpected rose color for the guy in your life).

3. Nike shorts (from $25;

There's no shortage of styles of the brand's uber-popular shorts, but you can't go wrong with the 5" Training Shorts, a steal at just $25. They're made of a super-lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that will hold up in even your sweatiest workout sessions.

4. Jordans (from $110;

Nike is dominating the Top 5, with the always-trendy sneakers inspired by the legendary basketball player taking the number-four spot.

5. Vans

Vans have been everywhere this year: They launched a new style, the UltraRange; collaborated with Urban Outfitters for an exclusive skater-inspired Old Skool platform sneaker; and even released a preppy canvas shoe with J.Crew. Our favorite, though, will always be the classic white slip-ons—over 2,400 five-star Zappos reviews can't be wrong, right?

6. adidas sweatpants (from $18;

Another '90s trend that became cool again: adidas T10 sweatpants. When in doubt, the classic black/white stripe combination is always a good choice.

7. adidas NMD (from $130;

In addition to the brand's sweatpants, internet users also searched for the NMD shoe, a popular style that boasts features like a knit upper, EVA midsole inserts, and a leather sockliner for ultimate comfort with every step. We're big fans of the pale pink colorway.

8. Jordan Retro 13 ($190;

The coolest pair of Jordans on sale now: the Air Jordan 13 Retro Men's Shoe in an unexpected, fashion-forward wheat brown hue.

9. Supreme

This brand is known for their super-cool logo sweatshirts that sell out quickly. Although most of the Fall/Winter styles are currently sold out, you can still nab this black shearling hooded jacket. (Fair warning: It's not cheap!)

10. Jordan Retro 4 (from $70;

The Retro 4 sneaker took the number 10 spot on Google's list (as if you didn't already believe us that Jordans were a big deal this year).

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Busy Philipps Loves This Toning Workout—And It Only Takes 13 Minutes

Tone your legs and core with this quick workout from LEKfit founder Lauren Kleban.

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